Whitney Wolfe Puts Women At The Top With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is responsible for an app called Bumble. Bumble is going to change online dating and boosting Austin’s tech-industry reputation as the new “Silicon Hills.” Bumble is designed to avoid trolling, or pictures and messages that are entirely unsolicited. Bumble is designed to put women first. In creating Bumble, Whitney Wolfe received direct advice from Andrey Andreev, who founded Badoo, a European social network. They are now partners in the Austin based dating app that is currently called Bumble.

Bumble is very popular and it really works. It is similar to Tinder in the sense that people connect by tapping on other profile’s pictures, but with Bumble, only women can make the first contact after both sides have indicated they are interested. Currently, Bumble is responsible for over 300 thousand women starting conversations every single day.

Whitney Wolfe is proud that with Bumble, women can feel protected and confident that they will only be contacted if they make the first move and this makes the conversation have a start that they will control and set the tone and topics of discussion to make it as hot or as formal as the women on the app wish to set.

Whitney Wolfe is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to Southern Methodist University and chose International Studies as her major. At age 19 she became a mix of a philanthropist and entrepreneur and sold bamboo tote bags in order to benefit areas and victims of the BP oil spill. Whitney Wolfe was also involved with the “Help Us Project.” Whitney Wolfe also helped orphanages in Southeast Asia.

Whitney Wolfe joined Hatch Labs at age 22. She was the vice-president in marketing at Tinder. Later on, she left Tinder in 2014. After her departure, she started Bumble and should be a promising figure in the app universe.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/6qmjwn/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah-whitney-wolfe—creating-social-change-on-bumble

Buying Gold through US money Reserve

On an article posted by PRNewswire on June 20th, 2017, US Money Reserve released an exclusive eBook entitled the 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. The eBook was in response to the ongoing political and global unrest.

The eBook also comes together with a limited-time offer of 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins which are available for purchase for free. Available online, the special report is aimed at educating worried Americans on how to hedge against the global economic risks and how to protect their money by owning gold, which is a safe haven one can trust at times of global unrest. Read more: US Mint Director | US Money Reserve

As a result of looming trade wars and every day acceleration of global threats, some experts see a perfect looming economic risk. It is for this reason that the US Money Reserve decided to offer new customers the opportunity to buy at no cost the 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins. At this special price, the company has expectations of a full sell out of the US Government-issued coin inventory.

According to Philip N. Diehl who is the President at the US Money Reserve, Gold has for a long time been the safe-haven asset in the world and it is the reason why gold has the greatest price surges at times of economic uncertainty. Philip further states that gold is less vulnerable to volatility and tangible, making it a strong government-approved tool to protect your savings from potential loss and global risk.

US Money Reserve is among the largest private distributors of foreign and US-issued silver, gold and platinum legal-tender products in the world. Established in 2001, US Money Reserve is relied upon by numerous clients across the country in diversifying their assets with the use of physical precious metals, especially as US silver and gold coins.

The uniquely trained team at the US Money Reserve is highly experienced and includes numismatic and coin research professionals who have the market knowledge of finding products for the buyers of precious metals at all levels. They also have the ability to offer customized services to each customer since every customer has unique needs. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/ and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-usmr/

US Money Reserve has acquired a reputation for its reliability and efficiency in the precious metals market. The company goes above the standard of the industry to offer outstanding customer service. Based in Austin, Texas, the US Money Reserve aims to establish a long-term relationship with all their customers.


Mobile Authority Combats Austin Traffic Congestion

With traffic congestion on the rise in Austin, Texas new approaches need to be taken to get people where they need to go. Using a tech approach to solve traffic issues Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority looks to alleviate traffic congestion in the Austin area.


Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, or CTRMA for short. With 30 years of experience as a public official, Heiligenstein focused on many infrastructure projects including several transportation projects. In addition to acting as the executive director of CTRMA, Heiligenstein serves on the boards of Texas Transportation Institute and the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association.


Serving CTRMA since 2003, Mike Heiligenstein has overseen their transition from a startup transportation agency to a nationally recognized leader in toll road operations. CTRMA is an independent government agency that works to improve the transportation system in Williamson and Travis counties. Using innovative and multi-modal transportation solutions to reduce traffic congestion, CTRMA improves the quality of life and economic vitality of those in the Austin area.


In order to combat the growing traffic congestion in Austin, CTRMA will be implementing MoPac Express Lanes that use sophisticated technology and variable tolling to manage traffic flow. While these MoPac Express Lanes will not eliminate traffic congestion entirely, they will make traffic flow more reliable for commuters.


Aside from the MoPac Express Lanes, CTRMA has partnered with Metropia to create a mobile traffic app. The app is integrated with CTRMA’s traffic monitoring system and provides drivers with real-time traffic updates and alternate routes.


Encouraging commuters to travel by bike or by foot when possible is also an effective means to reducing traffic congestion. CTRMA builds Shared Use Paths alongside their projects to provide pedestrians and cyclists with a path to travel on.


The starting and stopping of drivers on these busy roadways often leads to minor breakdowns and accidents. This only adds to traffic congestion by blocking the roadways. To offer a more practical response to minor breakdowns, CTRMA is working with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization to form their Highway Emergency Response Operator. This program that is referred to as HERO provides free roadside assistance to motorists with minor vehicle issues. Attending to minor breakdowns quickly will help to avoid blocking traffic flow.


For more information on Mike Heiligenstein and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority visit www.mobilityauthority.com.