Roberto Santiago: The Man Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who has given life to several notable business ventures in Brazil. Being a lively person who likes having a good time, he has given rise to several projects that also help people enjoy themselves. Even though he has been a part of a number of projects during his career, one of the most notable ones has to be the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is one of the most prominent places for fun and entertainment in the country and is one who has given Roberto Santiago an incredible name for himself.

Roberto Santiago has always been a forward thinker. The idea for the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was not something that was conceived overnight. For Santiago, it took years worth of planning and foresight to bring this idea to fruition. When he was just starting out in his career and had only taken on a few notable ventures, he decided to invest in a piece of land. He decided that he would develop this plot of land at a future date, which is the place that eventually turned into the Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall. Because he had bought the plot of land almost ten years before the project, he got an incredibly good return on his investment that benefited him immensely.

For the past several years, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has been one of the prime entertainment destinations in Manaira. People from all over the city visit the mall to avail of the many facilities that they have in store. Roberto Santiago wanted to make the mall as diverse as possible and include not just one or two, but multiple options that would let people enjoy themselves and have a good time.

One of the core attractions of the mall is the shopping facilities available here. The mall is home to a wide variety of stores, some of them being branches of big brands, and some being local flagship stores. More and more brands are choosing to set up their stores here in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall because of the thousands of patrons that the mall sees on a daily basis. Doing this has also benefited the mall since bringing in more names means opening up to newer consumer groups that they didn’t already have before.

In addition to shopping, the mall is also a prime destination for those who are looking for a place to enjoy a good meal. With a wide range of restaurants to choose from, almost every pallet can be satiated here at the mall. In addition, those who like to enjoy a quiet meal can do so in the fine dining area which is a separate enclosed space so that people can enjoy a nice quiet meal.

Bob Reina: Start Living Your Dreams Today

Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is a vision of positivity. He is known for a tremendous sense of humor in conjunction with a well-grounded sense of what it truly takes to succeed in business. He cites self-discipline as one of the keys to his own personal success. It took a great deal of self-discipline for Reina to work multiple jobs while attending school at the University of South Florida. The careful structuring paid off when Bob Reina graduated first in his police academy class.


At some point, however, the police force simply didn’t fulfill the pull of Bob Reina’s entrepreneurial spirit. He gave up the dependable paycheck of the police force and began sales after juggling both careers for some time. He then had the revolutionary idea of truly effective video email after a frustrating personal moment of attempting to send a video to friends and family. He put together Talk Fusion with Video Email and created an all-in-one video marketing solution.


Reina is a strong believer in hanging on to dreams the boundless size of the ones we all had a children. He realizes the weight of the real world and how it can lull the average human being into compromise and commonplace thinking. At some point every individual realizes that the bills will not stop no matter the jobs we truly think we want to do. This fear often keeps individuals from reaching for the success of their formerly colorful dreams.


Bob Reina is a committed believer to the concept that there is nothing in this world that separates him and his tremendous success from anyone else with the distinct exception of willpower. He recounts the fact that his success was self-made and “living in denial of your dreams is no way to experience life” as reasons that other can and should go for what fulfills them. Learn more:


More stellar advice from Reina comes in the understanding that it will indeed be an uphill battle to face your fears and go after your dreams, but just as he states, isn’t life an uphill battle anyway? There will always be struggles, ups and downs, and tough times; however, these hardships are able to be overcome if one is committed to the project. Don’t allow yourself to become accustomed to settling or you will always be settling. Don’t put realizing the best of yourself on hold or it will be waiting indefinitely. Choose today to put your foot down and begin taking responsibility for where you are now in order to fuel yourself to where you truly want to be.




Rocketship Education Provides High-Learning Opportunities

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006. The two founders, Mr. Preston Smith, as well as John Danner, had one objective in mind; to provide higher learning platforms for scholars in and around America. So far, the school has opened its branches in San Jose, California and other flagships across the country. What makes this school unique is the fact that students are grilled to score high grades. At its flagship, most scholars score as high as the prestigious Palo Alto School. Consequently, Rocketship Education has earned praise as a learning center that offers the same learning opportunity to different families including the low income earning ones.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Because of the comfortable learning environment, it offers, Rocketship Education has vastly expanded over the years. It has added more schools to its portfolio. By adding six more charter schools, the institution has shown prospects of growing further in the coming years. As a result, the leadership of the institution is restructuring to suit every scholar’s learning needs. When discussing the leadership of Rocketship Education, it is clear that Danner did a great job in her capacity as the head of the institution. Even when she was replaced, and Smith was elected as the chief executive officer, Rocketship Education maintained its services.

Spreading its Network

In 2014, Rocketship Education spread its network to Tennessee. The high enrollment demand from parents aggravated this. In 2015, parents organized a campaign to expand Rocketship Education’s network to Redwood City in California. Shortly after, it expanded its network to Washington D.C. in 2016. That was its fourth institution in five years.


It is undisputed that Rocketship Education provides high-quality education for scholars. Coupled with excellent leadership by experienced educators, the school is on the right path to offer even better, learning opportunities. What is more, the school does not promote racial profiling. This means that everyone, despite their race is welcome to pursue education.

Additional Information

To support the system, Rocketship Education receives funding from various donors. Andre Agassi is just one of them. He founded Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund to support education centers.