Mike Baur, Finding Real Value In Startups

Mike Baur is known for founding a company that guides entrepreneurial startups towards building a successful infrastructure. Baur began Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, along with two other co-founders, Max Meister and Oliver Walze. For anyone who’s struggle with formulating a business model, starting an actual enterprise can be complex. It’s all about proper timing and execution of an innovative idea. Mike Baur and Startup Factory provide a working model for entrepreneurs beginning with an accelerated 90 day program. The program’s design is based on the business incubator concept; it offers networking resources, office space, funding, and coaching and mentorship, as well as other support services. Beyond the mentoring aspect, new business owners can expect to be matched with investors in the early stages.


In the initial stages of building a business, Mike Baur believes it’s important to follow two key concepts. These concepts are productivity and first testing the market. He feels that it’s critical to employ them in the beginning, as they can determine later success. Testing the market allows entrepreneurs to gauge consumer interest in their products and services. And productivity, Baur says is the ability to become personally involved in the process. Instead of just leaving it to a third party to relay the details. Mike Baur deems it necessary to get up early and respond to emails and return telephone calls, and not simply relying on an administrative staff.


Once testing is complete, Mike Baur advises entrepreneurs that this is the time to capitalize on market interest. The accelerator program offered by Swiss Startup Factory involves strategic development. The focus is on gaining clientele, finding the right investors and using the market testing period to improve the product and services. As further proof of their commitment to startups, Mike Baur And Max Meister spoke about the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face in building their businesses.


First off, both Baur and Meister observed that something was missing in the marketplace today, so they joined forces to fill the void. Meister says that the time he spent as a business consultant and founding a startup convinced him that he had a unique skill set that could help other entrepreneurs. While Baur states “face to face mentoring” is what he feels is most important for startups. They mentor entrepreneur business owners, helping them develop their ideas and transform them into long term success.


Sussex Healthcare Services

Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has been operational on the Southern Coast of England. Sussex Healthcare is a leading care provider for both seniors and adults that require special attention. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina jointly chair the healthcare firm. The combination of the two’s experiences in different fields is aimed at creating a vibrant and the best adult care network. Shiraz Boghani formerly worked as a manager in the hotel industry while Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dental surgeon, trained at Guy’s Dental Hospital.

Sussex Healthcare has grown and opened up twenty facilities since it began. Under the company, there are many facilities including a state-of-the-art gym, a day-care, and residential full-care homes. Some of the old-aged people at the facility suffer dementia or Alzheimer’s. They also take care of younger adults living with neurological disabilities as well as other cognitive conditions. At Sussex Healthcare, there are two different classes of patients, those whose needs are extensive as well as those with limited needs.

The caregivers and support staff at Sussex Healthcare are skilled. They are given hands-on training, and they are committed to their work. When it comes to the employees, the company’s main focus is training, better education, and competitive compensations. At the facility, continuous access to leisure, social and recreational activities is guaranteed for every patient. Sussex Healthcare main aim is to provide quality life to its clients besides physical health.

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The programs are customized for every patient to fit their needs. Sussex also ensures good and balanced diets for the patients. Their residential homes have trained chefs and nutritionists that ensure the provision of the right meals for every person. This is an advantage for the people who have dietary restrictions. Diet is paramount.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare is top-notch. It employs staff whose dedication, compassion and professionalism cannot be questioned. The company invests heavily in the continued training of their workers. They maintain their own Training Academy at the headquarters, Warnham, West Sussex. The company support nursing apprenticeships, courses in management and other short topical courses.

Besides competitive salaries, the employees at Sussex enjoy a pension program, work uniforms, free transport, i.e., a stuffed bus, affordable accommodation charges, subsidized meals, paid vacations and growth opportunities career-wise. The types of caregivers include; older people carers, adult care specialists, palliative, dementia, neurological and PMLD caregivers. Those are the classes of caregivers highly sought after by Sussex Healthcare.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Inventor of Innovations

Dr. Saad Saad is a successful retired pediatric surgeon located in Eatontown, New Jersey. He has worked in the field for 47 years with many accomplishments that show exciting his career was. Dr. Saad is a great motivator and ensures everyone that if he was a poor Palestine refugee that succeeded at his goals, then anyone else can achieve their goals as well. At a young age, Dr. Saad decided to become a pediatric surgeon. After he graduated from high school, he attended Cairo University Medical School. He graduated with honors and held the title of salutatorian of his class. Dr. Saad then came to the United States to become board certified. After that, he received an invitation to work for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. After his tenure with the royal family was over, Dr. Saad returned to the states with thoughts on how to make the surgical experience better for his patients. That’s when he created and patented two devices.


The first device was the Catheter that has an Electromagnetic Location ability. Traditionally, catheters cannot be located once they are inserted. Surgeons use X-rays to find the exact location of the catheter for safe removal. The only problem with this method is that it some patients have to have multiple X-rays. Multiple X-rays can subject the patient to unsafe levels of radiation. Dr. Saad’s Catheter model has wires inside. The catheter is located by using an external scanning device. Once the scanning device is in direct alignment of the catheter, it lights up. Therefore it eliminates the need for multiple X-rays. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8


The second device is an endoscope that includes suction irrigation. This device is amazing as it helps surgeons in a number of ways. Dr. Saad created the Endoscope to make the surgical process easier. For example, a traditional endoscope is used to look inside the stomach, throat, and colon. The body naturally produces fluids, and because of this, the endoscope becomes foggy. When the endoscope is hazy, the surgeon is unable to see clearly. In fact, they have to remove the device and clean it off. Once, it’s cleaned off, it can then be reinserted. Dr. Saad’s invention allows doctors to spray clear fluid to clean the device. It also has an anti-fog port that suctions out the liquid so that the surgeon can see clearly. It is a great invention as it lowers the amount of time it takes to perform the procedure. Since doctors don’t have to remove it in the middle of the process, it optimizes the patient’s experience. Overall, Dr. Saad has made a big difference throughout his career. Both of his devices have been used by him to complete thousands of procedures with great success.