Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia page

It is not long since the software developer Ed Summers came up with a twitter account. He created an account that tracks all the alterations made any time someone decides to update a Wikipedia page by any unknown persons using a public computer. The description of the report is the source of the strange activities taking place. Everyone should see all the Wikipedia revisions made by this account holder. Summers managed to generate a script that makes alerts on Twitter whenever the Wikipedia page is edited by anonymous.

Most of the changes made on the internet are logistical. Any differences on the account reflect automatically on the pages. @congressedits has increased the number of such reports to enhance the transparency of all the activities taking place in a country. In case one needs to create an article the Wikipedia editors will view your wiki. Every page from Wikipedia should have support from reliable sources. The references should also be written correctly and in the manual style. The pages provide the history of a person or the business. Individuals that have the Wikipedia pages have treasured digital assets.

The easiest way to create a Wikipedia page

According to Get Your Wiki, Wikipedia is an open source of information to the community. Monitoring of the Wikipedia pages is important as editing of data is open to everyone. Some of the people who edit information are malicious, and they can end up destroying the image of the business or individual. The members of the page are ready to translate the page into the desired language. They aid people in interacting ethically with other communities depending on the choices made.

Importance of Wikipedia as a marketing tool

Wikipedia has many benefits for businesses and individuals. With Wikipedia, one can edit a Wiki page to change the type of business, the brand or any other features of the business that don’t match the activities in the firm. The reputation of organizations is crucial. Wikipedia adds a level of status and credibility to a person or any brand. Wikipedia pages enhance the sales of most businesses. It is the only web that can be accessed by everyone. The pages of this site do not attract any profit.

The page is a primarily a unique project that comprises all regions in the world. It acts as a tool that preserves all the languages to promote literacy in the digital world.

Why Helane Morrison is a Shining Light to Female Corporate Executives

Helane Morrison is Hall Capital Partner’s lead counsel and head of compliance. For close to a decade, she has offered relentless service to the firm. Hall Capital Partners is a leading San Francisco-based financial services firm. The firm focuses on helping investors and members of the public alike, to have faith in the financial markets. Most investors stopped trusting the industry after 2008’s economic crush revealed the rot that existed in the sector. As head of compliance, Ms. Morrison is tasked with this responsibility.

Hall Capital Partners has been putting in place strategies to ensure that faith of the public is restored. The financial advisory firm has been enforcing and emphasizing integrity, accountability, and regulatory compliance within its business setup. Helane’s sharp mind, and assertive nature has been crucial in the attainment of this goal. She has distinguished herself as a resolute advocate of issues related to business ethics. Her insistence that all deals made have to be accountable, has made her an important figure at Hall Capital. Besides this, she vouches for solid and ethical investments on behalf of the firm’s clients.

The financial services company banks on a team of professionals, who are competent and can be trusted with customers’ money. These professionals choose brokerage and investment firms, which guarantee the safety of clients’ money. On her part, Ms. Morrison is in charge of an in-house compliance enforcement team. The team is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all deals made by the firm comply with regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The team similarly administers disciplinary action whenever violations are made.

Ms. Morrison

Helane is the pioneer female compliance officer. She had had a successful career, both in civil service and in private practice. Helane received a journalism degree from Northwestern University before pursuing a law degree at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. Before delving into her compliance career, Ms. Morrison was a legal clerk and a lawyer. She got introduced to financial matters while working as a partner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Helane Morrison worked for the SEC in different capacities for close to 15 years. In addition, she helped unearth financial irregularities among top corporations such as NextCard Inc. and Hewlett-Packard. Occasionally, Helane gives speeches on compliance issues.