Addressing Activewear Fashion issues with Fabletics

In this changing world, there are conflicting ideas about fashion and the uses of fashion. One of the areas in the fashion industry which is faced with the most conflict is the active wear section. People such as Kate Hudson have lamented the fact that there is so little in variety and style when it comes to active wear. Another common complaint is that the clothes that may have some kind of stylish value are priced way out of range. Among the responses to the complaints is that active wear is only designed for physical activity. It is not supposed to look good and be stylish.


Even with some people stating that active wear clothing is not meant to be treated as pageant wear, Kate Hudson understands that the fashion industry makes it clear that there is a lot of room for people to look good, even during a work out. As a matter of fact, there is a growing trend of fashion which feature clothes that can be worn to a workout and other activities that are casual. This is called ‘athleisure’. Kate Hudson has taken advantage of this trend when she has established Fabletics.


One of the most attractive aspects of Fabletics is that it pays attention to different customers. Kate Hudson avoids trying to cater to convention when it comes to fashion and active wear. She wants people to have the freedom and ability to express themselves through their clothing if they want. She also understands the confidence that comes with self expression through fashion.


While the products are some of the best aspects of Fabletics, the main star of the brand is the marketing and business model. Fabletics has done its own marketing. One of the reasons behind this approach is that advertising companies and other marketing companies are known to leave out an important element in marketing. This element is engagement. This is one step that needs to be addressed, especially with social media. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to engage with customers.


One way to engage with customers is in the communities that are often used for advertising. While many companies just spam ads, smaller businesses and startups are taking the time to engage their customers in order to get a better idea of their needs and desires. Fabletics has taken that approach. Another way to engage the customer is on the site of the company, which Fabletics also does. These days, businesses are more relationship oriented. It is important for entrepreneurs to form relationships with their customers so that they can gain the trust.

Amazon May Be Paying Closer Attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Taking a look at the fashion e-commerce market from a numbers point of view, it is clear that Amazon is the top retailer is this space. There are thousands of other clothing companies all trying to reach the same customer, yet Amazon is able to make 20 percent of all the apparel sales in this space. Even with a huge lead in this space, it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has drawn the attention of Amazon for one particular reason. In the last three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold over $250 million in active-wear.

Hudson will tell anyone that asks about the success of her athleisure brand. What may seem odd to some is that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making all this commotion by offering loyal customers a huge number of membership perks and using the sales technique better known as reverse showrooming. If you want to see these two sales components working together, all you need to do is to stop by the Fabletics stores a local mall. Looking inside, we see women of all ages trying on all the yoga pant, leggings, or tank tops they can find. There are women taking the lifestyle quiz, and even more just window-shopping. The atmosphere is relaxed, and shoppers feel no pressure from sales associates to buy anything.

That is not the only reasons Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making waves in the fashion e-commerce market, it is all about their online storefront. Since shoppers were able to try on the active-wear inside the store, each of those pieces will be uploaded to their member’s account, allowing them to continue he shopping experience exactly where they left off. That reduces any hesitation about buying something you don’t think will fit, so these women go on impulse shopping mode and fill up their online carts with all the latest in workout apparel.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics keeps the member perks coming, like discounts on all active-wear both online and in the mall, free shipping for all purchases online, and even a personalized shopping assistant. Your assistant looks at your quiz results, chooses something you may like, drops it in your cart the first of each month. This is more than your average shopping experience, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking the time to pamper their customers at each and every chance they can. Amazon should be paying much closer attention to this success now.


The Joys Of Shopping For Clothes Online And Offline With Fabletics

Shopping for clothes can be a really fun activity. For many people, this is a chance to find something new that they can enjoy. As a matter of fact, this can be a chance for people to upgrade their self image. However, a lot of people miss out on such a great opportunity. For one thing, some people tend to buy the same clothes that they have already had for a while. While there is nothing wrong with this if one has a style that she likes, there are those who might not be satisfied with what is available. Therefore, they play it safe.


Fortunately for people, there is an alternative that has grown a lot over the short amount of time it has been in place. This alternative is called Fabletics. This brand offers people something that they would want from athletic clothing. This gives them something that they could exercise in. At the same time, it gives them something that they can present themselves to the public in. For people that are looking for a new image, Fabletics can provide them with what they need in order to bring out their new image.


Even though Fabletics has started out as a woman’s line of clothing, there has been such a huge expansion of its services to include clothes for men. After all, men can be fashionable to. They do not need to be left alone with all of the same suits that almost every other fashion outlet offers. Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson and Adam Goldenberg have seen the issues that have men’s fashion have been plagued with. They have seen the limit in options that men are faced with when it comes to clothing. Some stores neglect men as a whole. Most stores that have a men’s section tend to leave it in a small corner.


Fabletics is proving itself to be an all inclusive brand. With its recognition of the male need for fashion, it has gained the attention of men and has offered memberships to men. At the same time, it has opened up stores in many of the markets throughout the United States with plans to open up new markets. The whole point is for people to be able to enjoy the benefits of Fabletics from anywhere. The owners of this brand are doing everything they can to make it easy to enjoy the products from anywhere.

Amazon is No Match for Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletic’s company is expanding and reaching beyond $250 million in just a three year span. Fabletic is a part of the activewear market that is soaring now. Fabletics attracts its customers with it’s subscription base. The company’s basis is simple. Consumers are attracted to brands that push the limits, mixing both membership and convenience. This combination is very powerful.


Historically, brands have always been defined by the quality of the product and the price. But here recently, economics have shifted and that means that the combination is not competitive enough or even a success. What has become important to consumers today is quality customer service, uniqueness, recognition of the brand, and consumer experience with the brand. This is how the determination is made by the consumer for the value of the brand.


Fabletic compares itself to Warby Parker and Apple. The strategy that Fabletic uses is proving to be successful with it’s membership based brand. The objective now is to open more physical stores within the year. This adds to the 16 currently operating in Florida, Hawaii, California, and Illinois.


Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics says the secret to the company’s success is the reinvented version of a high quality brand. The membership is what gives the company the option to personalize business services and to continue to be a trending fashion at a fraction of the cost compared to other competitors. Throgmartin states that it is easier to make consumers happy when you can relate your products to their specific needs.


Reversing the Showroom


Fabletics has surpassed the norm when it comes to showrooming. People often browse online and often buy items at a lower cost elsewhere. But with the way Fabletics has started off, it has turned browsing into a more positive experience. With its membership base, it opens the door to build relationships with its consumers, it learns the local market demands through various activities. The end result is that between 30% and 50% of the consumers that come into a Fabletic’s store is already an existing member. 25% that come in often become members by the time they leave.


Online Data Is Important


Digital and physical showing of the product is an essential key in understanding the consumers needs and the brand’s journey. Online local data shows consumer preferences and how the physical stores need to stock the products based on consumer demand and appeal. Trends change and consumer demands change. But Fabletic keeps current with the demand of the consumer. Membership preferences and input determines how the physical store will be laid out and the products that it will sell.


Focusing on People and Culture


Fabletics faces challenges as the company expands and delves into different territories. Lifestyle and the education of the consumer and their experience with Fabletics is starting to pay off.


Fabletics, Bonobos, and Warby Parker have figured out how to continue their success by selling quality products based on data, consumer needs and wants, cost, and keeping with the current trends.