Experience Eco Tourism along the Mekong

History and geography have kept many of Laos’ natural treasures well hidden. But eco tourists will discover that this idyllic southeastern Asian country offers plenty of outdoor attractions tucked away in its hillside along the upper Mekong. Luang Phrabang is a magical place at the junction of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. It is also the confluence of French colonial elegance and Asian mysticism. Ecotourism in this ancient city is just coming into its own, bringing new financial opportunities for the local populace while ensuring the preservation of the natural ecosystems for generations to come.


The diverse terrain and biodiversity of the regions provides almost limitless number of activities for tourists. Probably the most popular destination in the area is the Elephant sanctuary that is located less than an hour from the old capital. The sanctuary is at the heart of the effort of local tribes to save this national symbol and provide a new source of income for the area. The sanctuary provides a natural setting for visitors to interact with elephants in non-exploitative environment.


Another popular destination near Luang Phrabang is the Nam Ha Protected Area located northwest of Luang Phrabang an ASEAN Heritage Site. Nam Ha is rich in biodiversity and arrangements can be made for biking and trekking expeditions through the park. You can take a guided trip on bamboo rafts down the Nam Tha River. Afterwards, experience staying in a local village with dinner collected from the forest.


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