Jacob Gottlieb Loves Poker and Finance

Jacob Jay Gottlieb is a hedge fund manager who is in his forties. He’s the businessman who is to thank for the establishment of Visium Asset Management. Gottlieb is a professional who knows how to work efficiently and in an organized manner. He, at the same time, also is someone who knows the value of relaxation and fun. He meets on a monthly basis with a number of other professionals who work in the hedge fund world. This takes place in Manhattan in New York, New York. They enjoy carefree poker sessions as a group. The goal behind these sessions isn’t really to win, though. It’s simply to unwind and relish good conversation. Boaz Weinstein and Marc Lasry are just a couple of people who like to join in on the excitement with Gottlieb. They invite each other over to their residences for evenings of poker. These sessions often continue for many hours at a time, too.

Gottlieb is a well-rounded individual. He has a strong interest in the construction of buildings. He has an enthusiasm for the large medical field, too. Gottlieb, interestingly enough, went through in-depth medical training prior to beginning working in the finance world. He created Visium Asset Management in the Big Apple back in 2005. The company presently handles assets that total $3.5 billion. Gottlieb tailored it around his impressive healthcare stock knowledge. It took him quite a bit of time to attain this valuable knowledge. He worked for prominent investment businesses for a long time. He served as a portfolio manager who tackled all kinds of relevant projects.

Gottlieb is a New Yorker through and through. He calls the borough of Brooklyn his hometown. That’s where he was born. He has a younger brother. Gottlieb’s parents are hard-working Polish immigrants. They transformed their lives by relocating to the United States during the sixties. Gottlieb has a couple of outstanding role models in his parents. His assiduous father has a position as an economist. He’s in charge of City University of New York classes that go into economics and related matters. Gottlieb’s mother’s career is just as worthy of notice. She’s a reliable pediatrician who has been aiding youngsters with medical concerns of all varieties for many years. Gottlieb’s rearing may be the reason he feels so close to medicine and finance.

This professional studied at Providence, Rhode Island’s widely known Brown University. Economics was his major. He went to New York University in New York to attain his medical degree after that. Gottlieb has a love of financial subjects that’s unequaled in intensity. He worked hard to secure a Wall Street position after finishing his educational career. He gives his attention to charity, too. Math for America is one of his favorite charitable groups. This organization focuses on professionals who teach science and mathematics.

Bruno Fagali- The Fighter Of Corruption In Brazil

Advertising agencies have been involved in three major corruption scandals in Brazil. These scandals have called for the passing of the Anti-Corruption Law (Law No. 12,846). The law was passed in 2013. Thus, advertising agencies recognized that the implementation of “corporate integrity programs” was necessary. Even if these programs didn’t exist, a comprehensive risk analysis would be performed to find red flags. “Red flag” is a term used to describe an area were unethical conduct can occur. The top five red flags in advertising agencies from Brazil were found in media assignment criteria, incentive plans, and external services/supplies fees.

Bruno Fagali has been at Fagali Advocacia since 2014. He is the founder of that firm. Bruno Fagali is a corporate integrity manager at the NOVA/SB advertising agency. Fagali is responsible for enforcing the rules at the Meio & Mensagem Agency. Throughout 2007, Bruno worked at the Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm. Before working at this firm, he was employed by Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. From 2012 to 2014, Bruno Fagali was employed at Radi, Calil, and Associados Advocacia. He worked at the Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault law firm from 2008 to 2009.

In 2009, Fagali got his Bachelor’s in Law from Pontificial Catholic University (PCU) of São Paulo. His thesis focused on the legal personality of public consortia and their controversial aspects. He received a Master’s Degree in State Law from the University of São Paulo (USP). Marcos Agusto Perez was his graduate advisor. From 2010 to 2012, Bruno Fagali studied administrative law at USP and FGV-Gvlaw. He only attended two years of high school. However, Fagali enrolled in various complimentary training courses.

Bruno Fagali has been awarded the Proethics Award from the CGU and Ethos Institute. He has participated in three congressional events. In 2008, Bruno Fagali joined the Brazilian Congress on Government Procurement. As of 2009, he was at The Third Sector in the Health Area. In 2010, Fagali took part in the VI Brazilian Forum on Regulatory Agencies. In addition to Portuguese, Mr. Fagali is also fluent in four languages: English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

See: https://www3.ethos.org.br/cedoc/gerente-de-integridade-da-novasb-comenta-caminhos-para-conquistar-o-pro-etica/ – .Wc1e_hNSxTY

Daniel Taub to Leave Ambassador Job

Daniel Taub is a popular international lawyer who has been making headlines in the recent times. The renowned writer and diplomat is based in Israel, and he has served the nation in numerous ways. Taub was born and raised in Britain several decades ago. Thanks to his parents, Daniel Taub was fortunate to attend some of the most respected schools in Britain, and this is one of the reasons he has been doing so well.


Daniel decided to relocate and settle permanently in Israel after completing his university education at the Oxford University. The lawyer was given an opportunity to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Due to his expertise in international law, Taub did very well, and he also earned the respect of many people in the country. In the year 1991, the lawyer was hired to work in the Israeli Foreign affairs ministry. His presence in this department saw him hold several diplomatic positions. In 2011, Daniel was nominated to serve as the Israeli Ambassador for Britain.


While serving as the ambassador in the United Kingdom, the lawyer impressed many. According to reports from Britain, Taub was one of the most successful ambassadors that have ever worked in the nation. Although the businessman resigned from this position recently, political analysts say that he has left a great legacy that will be remembered by very many generations.


According to a report from Britain, the international relationships between the United Kingdom and Israel improved immensely due to the presence of Daniel Taub. The bilateral trade that existed between thewas reported to have increased to more than eight billion dollars.


The growth in trade between two countries is not achieved easily. Daniel Taub managed to do so well because of his expertise in international relations and trade. The lawyer always supported business ideas from the young people. Daniel has always been friendly to the people he meets every day, and this has helped him to cultivate good relationships between the two nations.


Although Taub has been very successful in this position, reports released from the two countries indicate that he will be leaving the ambassador position after serving for more than four years. Sources close to the top office say that Mark Regev will be taking the position. Mark will have a tough time trying to beat the record that was left behind by Daniel and his team. Learn more: http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL





Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Unveil Latest Hit.

For the better part of the past decade, the team at Talk Fusion have been putting together innovative marketing products for use specifically with the power of video. Talk Fusion is one of the top video marketing and direct-selling companies on the web and CEO Bob Reina is making headlines once again for his work, this time in promotion of new WebRTC adaptive software. The latest innovative program to come out of the Talk Fusion warehouse is the Live Meetings application.


With Live Meetings, Talk Fusion has built a video conferencing program that works with WebRTC technology in order to reduce lag and improve the ability to reach an audience by way of video conferencing. Talk Fusion touts Live Meetings’ ability to be broadcast to up to 500 users at a single time while up to 15 different hosts take turns rotating in the video. This one-way conferencing application can have a huge impact on the way that companies reach out to prospective clients or partners.


One of the big draws for the Live Meetings application is that it does not mandate the separate download of unique software. Users can access Live Meetings by simply pointing their web browser toward the location of the video conference. The primary benefit of this sort of connection is that it gives users the ability to instantly jump into their meetings without having to worry about compatibility or matching up the right software in order to access the interface.


Talk Fusion is the brainchild of founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina established the company back in 2007 because he accurately saw just how important video would one day be to the world. Since Reina established the company, Talk Fusion has grown in reach to countries all around the world while being based out of Florida. Talk Fusion scored massive industry awards for their work on their Video Chat application and now it looks like the company is dipping in once more to try and capture lightning in a bottle. Reina came to video marketing after a full career as a sheriff’s deputy and now he is one of the most vocal proponents of the technology. Learn more: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xn0r8i_invite-them-to-the-webinars-talk-fusion-bob-reina_news

Addressing Activewear Fashion issues with Fabletics

In this changing world, there are conflicting ideas about fashion and the uses of fashion. One of the areas in the fashion industry which is faced with the most conflict is the active wear section. People such as Kate Hudson have lamented the fact that there is so little in variety and style when it comes to active wear. Another common complaint is that the clothes that may have some kind of stylish value are priced way out of range. Among the responses to the complaints is that active wear is only designed for physical activity. It is not supposed to look good and be stylish.


Even with some people stating that active wear clothing is not meant to be treated as pageant wear, Kate Hudson understands that the fashion industry makes it clear that there is a lot of room for people to look good, even during a work out. As a matter of fact, there is a growing trend of fashion which feature clothes that can be worn to a workout and other activities that are casual. This is called ‘athleisure’. Kate Hudson has taken advantage of this trend when she has established Fabletics.


One of the most attractive aspects of Fabletics is that it pays attention to different customers. Kate Hudson avoids trying to cater to convention when it comes to fashion and active wear. She wants people to have the freedom and ability to express themselves through their clothing if they want. She also understands the confidence that comes with self expression through fashion.


While the products are some of the best aspects of Fabletics, the main star of the brand is the marketing and business model. Fabletics has done its own marketing. One of the reasons behind this approach is that advertising companies and other marketing companies are known to leave out an important element in marketing. This element is engagement. This is one step that needs to be addressed, especially with social media. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to engage with customers.


One way to engage with customers is in the communities that are often used for advertising. While many companies just spam ads, smaller businesses and startups are taking the time to engage their customers in order to get a better idea of their needs and desires. Fabletics has taken that approach. Another way to engage the customer is on the site of the company, which Fabletics also does. These days, businesses are more relationship oriented. It is important for entrepreneurs to form relationships with their customers so that they can gain the trust.

The Amazing Works of Dr. Cameron Clokie

Maxillofacial and oral surgery represents one of the areas where extensive research continue to be conducted. However, Clokie is one of the individuals whose work has created a new approach towards the treatment of chronic diseases. Apart from being one of the best surgeons in the country, Clokie is also an entrepreneur with numerous business enterprises across the country.

According to Crunchbase, Clokie is the Chief Executive Officer Induce Biologics Inc., one of the companies that have specialized in the employment of regenerative medicine in the treatment of rare diseases. The company has a good reputation as far as the reconstruction of musculoskeletal is concerned.

Apart from being a long practicing surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie has also been involved in clinical practice as well as academic dentistry for long. In the course of his career, Dr. Cameron Clokie has also taken part in the activities of many companies, particularly in the medical field across the country for so many years.

Due to his incredible works in all the areas he has worked in, Dr. Cameron Clokie was elected as the head of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery. Moreover, he was also granted the position of Senior Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in his time at the University of Toronto.

Apart from medical as well as academic practice, Dr. Cameron Clokie is also a famous writer with many outstanding publications, especially in the medical field. His publications are very educative as well as useful in shaping the knowledge of its readers.

Dr. Cameron Clokie continues to be a major player in offering medical solutions to patients both locally as well as from numerous regions all over the world. His patients have also played a critical role in ensuring that his studies have been successful.

He has managed to also undertake a partnership with other stakeholders in the medical industry in ensuring that quality services are granted to patients; this has made his works even more successful.

He has been able to make outstanding innovations, particularly in the bone regeneration field, is medication has been successful in helping folks with amputated structure grow them. His medication enabled 60-year-old Peter Russell to regrow his jawbone.

Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Toronto Dentist Cameron Clokie Talks Up New Technology Available to Oral Surgeons

The Incredible Career of Igor Cornelsen

When it comes to financial as well economic world, there are names that will always come up due to their incredible works in these sectors. Igor Cornelsen is one of such names.

Over the years, he has been able to grow and become one of the most renowned investors as well as financial investors in the world. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

His great ability on tackling all aspects surrounding economic and financial matter has enabled him to acquire a great reputation; other financial experts can only dream of this reputation. He continues to be a leading financial advisor not only in the country but also all over the world.

Being a native South American, Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. He has been a proprietor at Bainbridge Investments Inc., an organization that is based in the Bahamas.

In this organization, Igor provides assistance to investors with strategies that are long-term. Igor began his early career in Brazil. He has acquired vital information that has enabled him to impact the lives of others in the form of Bainbridge Investments.

Igor Cornelson also holds numerous positions in different Banks in Brazil due to his expertise in dealing with all financial aspects surrounding the banks. He began his career in the banking sector and served for a short period; he left banking sector to focus all his energy on investment.

He has been renowned for advising his clients to avoid investing in firms that have financial challenges. According to Igor, investments with long-term rewards require sacrifice and dedication from all investors for profit to be realized.

Igor has vast experience in the stock market, and this has made him one of the most sought after financial advisors globally. Having been in this industry for long, he has been able to establish both merits and demerits of various investments in this industry by studying the patterns and trends.

His advice has been found to be pure gold; it has enabled numerous investors to not only avoid financial loses but also make huge profits from their diverse investment. He advocates for diversification of portfolio when it comes to investment.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Advise To Job Seekers

During a student’s forum at Universiti Malaya, Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian businessman and QI Group executive chairman, spoke about job seeking.

Vijay emphasized that higher learning institutions should encourage scholars to become job creators instead of being job seekers. Conventionally, graduates believe in securing employment to gain job experience before thinking of building their own businesses. However, the economy has changed.

With technology, things are moving first considering that manual jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence, robotics and automation. The situation has been intensified by the increasing population whose demand suffocates job supply. According to Vijay, the only way out of this situation is by adopting a mentality of a job creator straight from school.

While discouraging the “job-seeking” mentality among graduates, Vijay Eswaran applauded Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean students for their willingness to get job experience first and leave to create their own jobs. On the other hand, Vijay took time to share insights on effective job hunting. He advised graduates to settle for positions that match their qualifications. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

One should keenly analyze the pros and cons of all available options to determine the one that suits their personality, goals and preferences. Talking about startups, Vijay said that the environment is ever-changing and more fast-paced compared to corporate environments that are more structured and slow-paced. Startups have a lot of action and freedom of communication.

An individual should understand the environment that best suits his or her work style and personality among other specific needs. In addition, Vijay advised students to be leaders and team members.

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned business leader who has proved his abilities through the guidance of the multilevel marketing group of companies, the QI Group. The company invests in travel, telecommunications, wellness, training, media, luxury products and corporate investments.

Eswaran has spoken at various management and business forums. As an author, he has written different books, including “In the Sphere of Silence” (2005), In the Thinking Zone (2008) and “Stepping Stones” (2010). His has received several accolades including the “Malaysia Business Awards.”

Moreover, he is a recipient of the New Global Indian (NGI) award and Lifetime Regional Philanthropy award. Vijay founded the RYTHM Foundation, a charity unit of the QI Group, to engage in corporate social responsibilities on behalf of the company.

The Importance Of Good Company According To Sawyer Howitt

There is one thing that is important for everyone that has goals. This factor is the type of people one is surrounded by. There are too many cases of someone who has aspirations, talent, and a good head on his shoulders to attempt something meaningful only to have others pile up on him and smother it out.

The people that surround a person is very more important than many people often realize. As an entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt, himself stress this point. However, it is for a different reason. This is for people who start a business and start growing the business.

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Often times, the business starts out as a one man operation. However, there is a point when the business man is going to have to hire others so that they can handle the different aspects of business according to norcal.news. The right people can actually help grow the business. This is one of the reasons that the business owner should surround himself with people who are knowledgeable and talented. This also saves the hassle of having to weed through all of the applicants to find someone to make a gamble on. At least with the others, one is actually able to get to know them and their talents and what they can do to bring forth a successful business.

Of course, it all depends on the business. There are people who are willing and able to bring forth their own success and are happy with a smaller type of business where they do their own type of work. It also helps to make sure that they are on the right path by getting advice from Sawyer Howitt, one of the young entrepreneurs who have a lot of experience and a really young perspective on what the markets are like and what can be done to succeed in these markets.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s Participation in Immigrant Rights Activism

The Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund was founded four years ago to provide financial aid to charity organizations that were established to protect immigrant rights in Arizona. Its proprietors, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, have been striving to ensure that the rights of the Hispanic immigrants who are based in the area are not violated.

They own the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times and have been creating awareness about the harassment of immigrants. In 2007, they were detained for offering the public information about the corrupt administration of the sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio.

The arrest was not by their First Amendment rights, and therefore, they were offered a $3.75 million compensation. The money helped them in founding the charity that has significantly transformed the lives of immigrants who live in Arizona. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Justice for Immigrant Families (JIF) was established by the Phoenix Legal Action Network to make it easy for all the immigrants in Maricopa County to access justice. The organization is a beneficiary of the Frontera Fund and has currently helped more than 325,000 undocumented immigrants.

Many undocumented persons in Arizona have not been able to access legal services for many years since they are not affordable to them. Some of them have been tried and even deported due to lack of proper attorney representation. JIF currently works in close collaboration with pro bono lawyers to provide legal services to the immigrants.

It has hosted several group workshops, legal consultations, and orientations that assist people to be well informed about their rights. JIF has partnered with different community-based organizations to empower immigrants. Its primary goal is to make sure that the immigrants are not prevented from enjoying social and economic opportunities.

Another main Lacey and Larkin beneficiary is Promise Arizona (Paz). Paz is a word that was transliterated from Spanish, and it means peace. The human rights foundation is based on religion, and it was formed in 2010 after the Senate passed the SB 1070 law. The law targeted the Hispanic community across Arizona, and it led to police brutality against them.

Paz coordinated with various activist organizations in the region and held 103 days prayer vigil at the state capitol to protest the SB 1070 law. The court later declared the laws illegal.

Joe Arpaio was then tried for enforcing unconstitutional policies. Promise Arizona’s members have organized a couple of demonstrations in Arizona and Washington, D.C to protest immigrant harassment. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The organization is headed by Petra Falcon who is its current executive director. It has made significant achievements that have bettered immigrant lives in Arizona. Paz pushed for immigration reforms when Barack Obama was the U.S president. It has been coaching young leaders as a way of improving civic engagement, heading campaigns for impartial voter registration, and supporting the DACA program.

Promise Arizona has been working on the development of future leaders who will ensure that Arizona becomes a state that will be friendly to all people. The organization’s members have been visiting people in their neighborhoods and households to offer them encouraging messages.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase