Hiring the Right Event Planner

When it comes to the largest cities in the world, New York City is high up on that list. Being so large, the city is filled with services and amenities wanted and needed by the community. One of those services is an event planner.


One of the premier event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. This is led by Jessica Boskoff. She is the CEO and founded her company over ten years ago. She has created an elite team of event planners in NYC, and they will make each event like no other.


Hiring the right event planner can take some work. Before deciding on any event planner, do some preplanning. Decide what type of event you want and how you would like the event to look and feel.


Use the advice and recommendations of your friends and family on who is a good event planner to use. Keep in mind any event planners they say to stay away from as well. Do some research online to see the type of work and events each recommended event planner does. Read over any client reviews to see how they felt about the work they had done.


Once you have a few names of event planners, set up face-to-face meetings. By doing the meetings in person, you will get a much better feel for how the event planner will operate. Do not be afraid to ask questions. They will be planning an event to represent you, and they should meet all your needs. Hire the event planner that you feel will create the event you are envisioning.


There are many event planning companies out there to include New York City. Twenty Three Layers is one of the best and will go out of their way to make sure your event is exactly what you pictured and more.

Amazon is No Match for Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletic’s company is expanding and reaching beyond $250 million in just a three year span. Fabletic is a part of the activewear market that is soaring now. Fabletics attracts its customers with it’s subscription base. The company’s basis is simple. Consumers are attracted to brands that push the limits, mixing both membership and convenience. This combination is very powerful.


Historically, brands have always been defined by the quality of the product and the price. But here recently, economics have shifted and that means that the combination is not competitive enough or even a success. What has become important to consumers today is quality customer service, uniqueness, recognition of the brand, and consumer experience with the brand. This is how the determination is made by the consumer for the value of the brand.


Fabletic compares itself to Warby Parker and Apple. The strategy that Fabletic uses is proving to be successful with it’s membership based brand. The objective now is to open more physical stores within the year. This adds to the 16 currently operating in Florida, Hawaii, California, and Illinois.


Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics says the secret to the company’s success is the reinvented version of a high quality brand. The membership is what gives the company the option to personalize business services and to continue to be a trending fashion at a fraction of the cost compared to other competitors. Throgmartin states that it is easier to make consumers happy when you can relate your products to their specific needs.


Reversing the Showroom


Fabletics has surpassed the norm when it comes to showrooming. People often browse online and often buy items at a lower cost elsewhere. But with the way Fabletics has started off, it has turned browsing into a more positive experience. With its membership base, it opens the door to build relationships with its consumers, it learns the local market demands through various activities. The end result is that between 30% and 50% of the consumers that come into a Fabletic’s store is already an existing member. 25% that come in often become members by the time they leave.


Online Data Is Important


Digital and physical showing of the product is an essential key in understanding the consumers needs and the brand’s journey. Online local data shows consumer preferences and how the physical stores need to stock the products based on consumer demand and appeal. Trends change and consumer demands change. But Fabletic keeps current with the demand of the consumer. Membership preferences and input determines how the physical store will be laid out and the products that it will sell.


Focusing on People and Culture


Fabletics faces challenges as the company expands and delves into different territories. Lifestyle and the education of the consumer and their experience with Fabletics is starting to pay off.


Fabletics, Bonobos, and Warby Parker have figured out how to continue their success by selling quality products based on data, consumer needs and wants, cost, and keeping with the current trends.

Brian Torchin Is One Of The People Who Add A Lot To The World

Brian Torchin might not be a household name. At the same time though, a shocking number of happy households owe their well being to him. Brian’s a perfect example of someone who’s working hard and working humbly to help make the world a better place. He’s the kind of positive influence that can serve as an inspiration to most people as they go about their daily lives.

One of the most significant examples comes from how Brian has approached business. Brian Bonar began his journey of good works within the chiropractic industry. He worked to become an expert in the chiropractic field and managed to help countless people in the process. This hasn’t just been about helping people directly though.

By gaining expertise he was able to also understand what makes someone especially capable of providing patient care. This ensures that his rise to a principal member of HealthCare Recruitment Counselors would be just as much about helping nurture excellence as display it.

He’s not just working to note existing talent at the top of the field though. He’s notable for also having a talent for finding people who have a lot of skill but who he can help hone even further. His work at HCRC is taking the expertise and experience he’s honed within himself and spreading it all over the world.

This general philosophy of achieving results and then spreading them to others might well be the cornerstone of how Brian operates in his life. It’s an especially appealing philosophy due to the fact that it’s so easy to see the benefits. Many altruistic people in the past have lamented the fact that there’s only so much time in the day to help people.

No matter how talented, a single medical professional can only see so many people in a single day. Brian counters this by passing on his knowledge and expertise to others in his role as teacher and recruiter.

He’s also able to ensure that in the process they’re able to take in Brian’s own vast experience in order to essentially ensure his talents are available all over the world.

Success Of JustFab Under Don Ressler’s Leadership

TechStyle Fashion Group is an online subscription fashion retailer. The company sells a wide variety of fashion products on internetretailer.com such as shoes, jewelry, handbags, and denim. Its clients benefit from personalized shopping experiences, which are based on the style preferences chosen by the members. TechStyle is the parent company to renowned brands such as JustFab, ShoeDazzle, JustKids, and Fabletics.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded JustFab in March 2010. JustFab was an instant hit among the young generation as it provided them with affordable and trendy products. The two entrepreneurs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler hired Kimora Lee Simmons to serve as the company’s president and creative director. This is because of her extensive experience in leadership, particularly in the competitive fashion industry.

Initially, JustFab operated only in the United States. However, as the company continued to grow, it expanded to other countries on Pando. Later, the entity opened other stores in the UK, Canada, and Germany. This expansion strategy was followed by massive investments of $76 million from Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures funding. In 2011, the company received $33 million from Matrix Partners.

The now dominant JustFab entered the children fashion industry by acquiring FabKids, a fashion subscription company. This acquisition expanded both the customer base and the revenues of the enterprise at http://www.techstyle.com/happy-in-el-segundo-techstyle-coo-anton-von-rueden-on-the-perks-of-life-in-the-south-bay/. In addition, the company collaborated with celebrities such as Avril Lavigne, Elle Fowler, and Blair Fowler. The stars released their sub-brands through the company.

In 2013, Don Ressler helped the fashion company to secure $40 million in funding. The third round of funding helped the company to enhance its product portfolio and venture into new territories. Additional funding was secured in August 2014. A group of firms led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund invested the $85 million in the corporation. These resources increased the group’s total capitalization to $250 million.

TechStyle’s membership cost is $39.95 million. This amount is channeled to purchasing different products for the clients. Every month, the fashion retailer provides its customers with a group of selected items. Customers are required to pick from the list or request new options. A client can also skip the month without incurring any charges.

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is an entrepreneur, executive, and a fashion icon. He is the co-founder and co-CEO of TechStyle Fashion Group and Intelligent Beauty.

The Achievements Made By Omar Boraie Through Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is a New Brunswick-based real estate developer and the president of Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development LLC is a real estate firm that deals with the development of real estate, management of property, besides sales and marketing. As a resident of New Brunswick, Omar Boraie has played a pivotal role in the city’s developments and looks forward to constructing more properties in the future. The town is home to Rutgers University and serves as the Center of Middlesex County on about.me. However, it has been facing challenges of increased immigrant populations, devaluation of properties and relative neglect.

However, when Johnson & Johnson decided to remain in the city, major investors, among them Boraie, were motivated to invest in the town. Omar Boraie bought neglected parcels along Albany Street and established Albany Street Plaza Tower one, a facility that has modern office spaces. In 2003, he put up another Albany Street Plaza. In 2007, he developed One Spring Street condominium to house professionals who worked in his two towers. In the future, Boraie plans to target technology and biological science industries. He intends to put up a third commercial site, which will be close to the train station where he can host firms that will benefit from the close distance to Rutgers.

Read more: Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute

In 2015, Omar established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science to support research activities in Rutgers Cancer Institute. The Omar Boraie Chair was among the 18 Chair Challenge campaign where Omar Boraie pledged to donate $1.5 million. According to the chair challenge, an anonymous donor is to give $1.5 million to match each of the 18 new chairs. The director of the Rutgers Cancer Institute applauded Boraie for his support to the health sector of the town.

Through his company, Boraie Development LLC, Omar supports several projects in the community. Omar and his partner, Shaquille O’Neal, donated at least $25,000 to support a Boys & Girls Club that had closed due to pending debt of $150,000. The club had been given two weeks to pay the debt before opening for a limited summer on NYTimes. However, Boraie, through Boraie Development, and his partner came to their rescue. The two partners have also offered financial support to the Newark Boys & Girls Club.

Reference: http://www.hoovers.com/company-information/cs/company-profile.boraie_development_llc.dfacb2a0e04c915a.html

High Corruption: And Government Bailout

One thing that could be said for Helane Morrison is that she is very confident. For one thing, law enforcement is not effective when people are indecisive. Fortunately, Helane had enough confidence in order to pursue a course that has gotten the financial industry back in shape when corruption was revealed in 2007/08 when the financial crisis hit. As a result of the exposure of corruption, many financial institutions including the well respected institutions have come crashing down. Some of them have been seeking government bailouts. Many American citizens lost trust in the institutions. They became very hesitant to open an account because they were afraid that they were going to be faced with something that results in them losing money.

One good thing is that there is the compliance office. These people are very powerful when it comes to making sure that the institutions are acting in an ethical manner. If people can’t trust financial institutions, they can trust the compliance officers, especially Helane Morrison. She is someone that takes her job very seriously. She is serious about making sure that the clients can trust that they are getting a fair deal. She had a long fight when it was revealed that many of the major companies were involved in violations. However, she has managed to get the financial institution to act more ethically.

This is why some institutions have compliance officers on board. The owner of the company wants to make sure that they maintain their ethics. In some cases, companies can lose sight of ethic practices if they are not reminded about what is ethical. This is why compliance officers like Helane Morrison are some of the most valuable people in the industry.

Securus Technologies Release New Voice Recognition Tool

Securus Technologies has just released a new voice recognition program that can be used to fight crime and identify voices in phone calls. It is featured in the Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice software created by Securus Technologies. The new voice search feature gives law enforcement an additional way of monitoring inmates and stopping illegal activities.


Here is how the new voice search program works. Using Investigator Pro 4.0, law enforcement can now take a sample of a voice either from an inmate or somebody that an inmate has called. That voice sample can then be searched for in all other calls. The program will show a match, if the voice sample matches another recorded voice in an another phone call.


If you can recognize someone just by their voice, then they cannot hide their identities anymore regardless of what they try to do, to keep themselves anonymous from law enforcement to fight against criminal organizations outside of prison.


Another feature of the new tool is that it will identify other inmates that may have called the voice sample in question. This will allow officials to quickly establish patterns or links between inmates and outside contacts. The searchable voice program by Securus can be combined with other criminal justice technology such as high-interest group tagging and voice identification confidence rating systems.


This latest voice recognition program release is just one of the latest tools that Securus Technologies has patented and made available to law enforcement in prisons. Securus Technologies aims to make technologies that make law enforcement’s job of monitoring easier. It has previously released internet tracking devices and email communication systems that allow law enforcement to keep a close tab on its inmates, while giving inmates the ability to communicate with those outside.

Visit wikipedia.org to know more about Securus Technologies.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia page

It is not long since the software developer Ed Summers came up with a twitter account. He created an account that tracks all the alterations made any time someone decides to update a Wikipedia page by any unknown persons using a public computer. The description of the report is the source of the strange activities taking place. Everyone should see all the Wikipedia revisions made by this account holder. Summers managed to generate a script that makes alerts on Twitter whenever the Wikipedia page is edited by anonymous.

Most of the changes made on the internet are logistical. Any differences on the account reflect automatically on the pages. @congressedits has increased the number of such reports to enhance the transparency of all the activities taking place in a country. In case one needs to create an article the Wikipedia editors will view your wiki. Every page from Wikipedia should have support from reliable sources. The references should also be written correctly and in the manual style. The pages provide the history of a person or the business. Individuals that have the Wikipedia pages have treasured digital assets.

The easiest way to create a Wikipedia page

According to Get Your Wiki, Wikipedia is an open source of information to the community. Monitoring of the Wikipedia pages is important as editing of data is open to everyone. Some of the people who edit information are malicious, and they can end up destroying the image of the business or individual. The members of the page are ready to translate the page into the desired language. They aid people in interacting ethically with other communities depending on the choices made.

Importance of Wikipedia as a marketing tool

Wikipedia has many benefits for businesses and individuals. With Wikipedia, one can edit a Wiki page to change the type of business, the brand or any other features of the business that don’t match the activities in the firm. The reputation of organizations is crucial. Wikipedia adds a level of status and credibility to a person or any brand. Wikipedia pages enhance the sales of most businesses. It is the only web that can be accessed by everyone. The pages of this site do not attract any profit.

The page is a primarily a unique project that comprises all regions in the world. It acts as a tool that preserves all the languages to promote literacy in the digital world.

Why Helane Morrison is a Shining Light to Female Corporate Executives

Helane Morrison is Hall Capital Partner’s lead counsel and head of compliance. For close to a decade, she has offered relentless service to the firm. Hall Capital Partners is a leading San Francisco-based financial services firm. The firm focuses on helping investors and members of the public alike, to have faith in the financial markets. Most investors stopped trusting the industry after 2008’s economic crush revealed the rot that existed in the sector. As head of compliance, Ms. Morrison is tasked with this responsibility.

Hall Capital Partners has been putting in place strategies to ensure that faith of the public is restored. The financial advisory firm has been enforcing and emphasizing integrity, accountability, and regulatory compliance within its business setup. Helane’s sharp mind, and assertive nature has been crucial in the attainment of this goal. She has distinguished herself as a resolute advocate of issues related to business ethics. Her insistence that all deals made have to be accountable, has made her an important figure at Hall Capital. Besides this, she vouches for solid and ethical investments on behalf of the firm’s clients.

The financial services company banks on a team of professionals, who are competent and can be trusted with customers’ money. These professionals choose brokerage and investment firms, which guarantee the safety of clients’ money. On her part, Ms. Morrison is in charge of an in-house compliance enforcement team. The team is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all deals made by the firm comply with regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The team similarly administers disciplinary action whenever violations are made.

Ms. Morrison

Helane is the pioneer female compliance officer. She had had a successful career, both in civil service and in private practice. Helane received a journalism degree from Northwestern University before pursuing a law degree at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. Before delving into her compliance career, Ms. Morrison was a legal clerk and a lawyer. She got introduced to financial matters while working as a partner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Helane Morrison worked for the SEC in different capacities for close to 15 years. In addition, she helped unearth financial irregularities among top corporations such as NextCard Inc. and Hewlett-Packard. Occasionally, Helane gives speeches on compliance issues.