Rocketship Education Provides High-Learning Opportunities

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006. The two founders, Mr. Preston Smith, as well as John Danner, had one objective in mind; to provide higher learning platforms for scholars in and around America. So far, the school has opened its branches in San Jose, California and other flagships across the country. What makes this school unique is the fact that students are grilled to score high grades. At its flagship, most scholars score as high as the prestigious Palo Alto School. Consequently, Rocketship Education has earned praise as a learning center that offers the same learning opportunity to different families including the low income earning ones.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Because of the comfortable learning environment, it offers, Rocketship Education has vastly expanded over the years. It has added more schools to its portfolio. By adding six more charter schools, the institution has shown prospects of growing further in the coming years. As a result, the leadership of the institution is restructuring to suit every scholar’s learning needs. When discussing the leadership of Rocketship Education, it is clear that Danner did a great job in her capacity as the head of the institution. Even when she was replaced, and Smith was elected as the chief executive officer, Rocketship Education maintained its services.

Spreading its Network

In 2014, Rocketship Education spread its network to Tennessee. The high enrollment demand from parents aggravated this. In 2015, parents organized a campaign to expand Rocketship Education’s network to Redwood City in California. Shortly after, it expanded its network to Washington D.C. in 2016. That was its fourth institution in five years.


It is undisputed that Rocketship Education provides high-quality education for scholars. Coupled with excellent leadership by experienced educators, the school is on the right path to offer even better, learning opportunities. What is more, the school does not promote racial profiling. This means that everyone, despite their race is welcome to pursue education.

Additional Information

To support the system, Rocketship Education receives funding from various donors. Andre Agassi is just one of them. He founded Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund to support education centers.