Securus Technologies Release New Voice Recognition Tool

Securus Technologies has just released a new voice recognition program that can be used to fight crime and identify voices in phone calls. It is featured in the Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice software created by Securus Technologies. The new voice search feature gives law enforcement an additional way of monitoring inmates and stopping illegal activities.


Here is how the new voice search program works. Using Investigator Pro 4.0, law enforcement can now take a sample of a voice either from an inmate or somebody that an inmate has called. That voice sample can then be searched for in all other calls. The program will show a match, if the voice sample matches another recorded voice in an another phone call.


If you can recognize someone just by their voice, then they cannot hide their identities anymore regardless of what they try to do, to keep themselves anonymous from law enforcement to fight against criminal organizations outside of prison.


Another feature of the new tool is that it will identify other inmates that may have called the voice sample in question. This will allow officials to quickly establish patterns or links between inmates and outside contacts. The searchable voice program by Securus can be combined with other criminal justice technology such as high-interest group tagging and voice identification confidence rating systems.


This latest voice recognition program release is just one of the latest tools that Securus Technologies has patented and made available to law enforcement in prisons. Securus Technologies aims to make technologies that make law enforcement’s job of monitoring easier. It has previously released internet tracking devices and email communication systems that allow law enforcement to keep a close tab on its inmates, while giving inmates the ability to communicate with those outside.

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  1. The new Investigator Pro 4.0 program now lets law enforcement officials potentially identify who inmates are calling just by their voice. This new tool negates anonymous calling or the use of code words by inmates. It can be essayacademia discount that is on rampage and can do what these people are planning to do.

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