The Prestigious Wes Edens

The Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens has a very prestigious profile in the financial industry, starting the group 20 years ago, coming from Montana. Eden’s firm executes various investment strategies all over the world, assisting clients who are operating privately, and are guiding institutional investors into the right direction when it comes to, traditional asset management, private equity, credit, and liquid markets. When Wes Edens started the firm in 1998, he initially was able to manage the new group with less than 40 employees, and $400 million dollars to start off with, and now currently manages The Fortress Investment Group with 1200 employess on staff, with the organization worth around $72 billion.

In his field of work, Wes Edens is not only well-known, but he is looked at in high regard, and is heavily respected with the way he carries out business, with a professional reputation. When he buys a business, he has an extensive track record in expanding the newly purchased business, by being consistent in the way he builds and improves it, utilizing his managing skills from personal experience. Being open minded, and a honest person that is easy to converse with, is how Wes Edens has become such a success, while at the same time being an inspiration for his employess, and other investors looking to expand their horizons.

Before The Fortress Investment Group came about, Wes Edens gained some critical knowledge as an investment banker, and working at a small money management company, which positioned himself to come up with the funds to start his own firm.What Wes Edens is known for, is giving more value than what he asks for in exchange, by the way he branches out and brings a positive experience to the clients that he associates with. He has had businesses that has operated in economies from The Middle East, Africa and others, diversifying their resources for their overall benefit of the residents in their country, growing their economy to new heights.