The Story of Wild Ark: Taking Eco-Friendly Travel Into the Hands of Consumers

The newest trend in vacations is far from a staycation- in addition to sorting disposables into proper sanitation containers, add an eco-friendly resort to the list. There are many ways to sort a trip into eco-friendly worthiness, factors include regions that support sustainable development, or do not contribute to a wasteful environment.

To be involved in the eco-friendly and sustainable travel movement, the consumer has a variety of resources to select a preferred travel destination. Popular locations as recently rated by a Travel Channel publication include regions throughout Mexico, South America, Philipines, and Africa.

One such company that is providing an eco-friendly service is called the Wild Ark. The goal of the Wild Ark is to connect consumers with eco-friendly travel options, the main form of point of contact being their website.

The website is extensive in detail. Upon arriving at the landing page the user is greeted with a simple and precise layout with a background in optic white and links in a neutral pine green. A link to the “Our Story” page outlines the mission of the company. The founders emphasize a spiritual link in their efforts- learning and research are encouraged along with preservation of native flora and fauna. The company offers locations that appeal to fledgling or established artist- surreal photography locales are highlighted.

Wild Ark was created by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson, who proudly declare their love for eco-conservation and have pledged their lives to “making a difference.”

Wild Ark has a variety of trips available and offers a wide array of information– from rates to which toiletries are provided at selected campsites.

One of their excursions lays in the exotic region of Botswana, Africa. The descriptive links under this selection describe the addition of guides and birdwatchers from indigenous tribes available to service consumers. The consumer can be certain that native civilizations are not disrupted as the group that provides guides has been sourcing from the same region for the last 34 years. The method of accommodation, bathing, water supply and electric facilities, as well as guest amenities, are discussed in detail for every trip offered.

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